Plink Ice Original – Slab (30 Cubes)
Delivered Frozen

Have you ever had an icy drink but thought, “This could use a little something?” Plink is that something! Whether it’s our classic great-tasting original ice-cubes or our cool new flavours each will give your glass some extra freshness that makes you hear a ‘Plink!’ and go “…ah”.

Plink Ice : Original Flavour ( Slab – 30 cubes )

Plink is a way of life. Ice is a 200-year-old industry and Plink is its evolution. It’s smarter ice that works for you.The individual capsules make it easy to transport and store at room temperature. The pyramid shape lets you stack Plink to save space and insulate, so each Plink can huddle close to its neighbour to stay cool.